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About DRC Program

What is the Dining Rewards Club?

The Dining Rewards Club (DRC) is a diners loyalty program that consists of multiple restaurant brands and locations in Australia. You can easily earn and redeem Cashback, rewards and access multiple offers to use at any participating restaurant (6HEAD, The Meat & Wine Co, Ribs & Burgers, Italian Street Kitchen and Hunter & Barrel).

As DRC launches for the first time, the participating restaurants will become available in DRC one brand at a time. Currently 6HEAD, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen and The Meat & Wine Co are now live. We will notify all members every time a new brand joins the DRC program.

Where can I dine with DRC?

Your Dining Rewards Club membership is accepted at the following participating restaurants – 6HEAD, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen and The Meat & Wine Co. To find the exact locations, simply navigate to the ‘Locations’ tab in your DRC App or visit our Brands page to find out more. We will notify all members every time a new brand joins the DRC program.

What benefits do I get when joining the program?

DRC Members earn Cashback every time they dine at any of the participating restaurants. Cashback can be accumulated and redeemed towards future visits.

DRC Members also get a $10 Welcome Reward just for joining, and a Birthday Reward for their birthday month – plus access to surprise rewards and offers!

Can I use DRC at your international restaurants?

While we have a few international locations for Hunter & Barrel, Ribs & Burgers and The Meat & Wine Co, these restaurants do not accept DRC. DRC is only available within Australia. Please refer to the ‘Locations’ tab in the DRC app for specific locations available.

New to DRC

How do I sign up to DRC?

Registering to DRC is free and easy. Simply go to on any browser and follow the quick steps to create an account. If you’re on your mobile, you can save the website as an App by clicking on “Add to Home Screen” for easy access. For more help, see our ‘How it Works’ page here. 

Do I need a password?

To make the process easy and efficient for you, as well as safe and secure, there is no need to create a password. Each time you login to your account, you will be sent a one-time verification code to your mobile to verify and access your DRC account. You do not have to follow this process every time you access the app, only when you actively log out and want to log back in.

I'm following the Install Guide, but I'm not sure what operating system my phone has?

Determining if your phone is on the iOS operating system is simple – your phone will be an Apple iPhone! 

There are a lot of phone manufacturers that utilise the Android OS, but generally if you are not on an Apple iPhone, you likely have an Android based smartphone. Some popular brands that are Android based are Samsung, Google, Oppo, Motorola, Nokia, TCL, Vivo, ASUS, Xiaomi and Realme.

Does DRC have an app? How do I save it to my Home Screen?

The DRC App is fast and reliable, accessible on any browser or device. As a web app, it is not downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, but you can conveniently access it through your preferred web browser.

Installing the DRC app on your mobile’s Home Screen is easy, offering the same appearance and functionality as a standard app on your phone.

View our Install Guides here.

Does DRC provide members with a physical card?

DRC has been designed as a fast, reliable and easy to access program. It is web based, and no physical card is issued. Simply follow these easy instructions to save the app to your Home Screen, so that you can scan it at time of payment. For further details on how it works, click here.

Your Account

How do I update my account details?

Simply login to your account and go to the ‘Menu’ option to manage your details under ‘My Account’. From here, follow the prompts to edit your name, email address and State/Postcode. 

If you have a new mobile number or have incorrectly entered your birth date, you will need to contact Support to have this updated. Click here to get in touch.

I've changed my mobile number, how do I update this in my account?

As your mobile number is used to verify your account and login, if you wish for your DRC account to be connected to a different mobile number you will need to reach out to our Support team to have this updated for you. Click here to get in touch.

The wrong date of birth was entered on sign up, how do I get this changed?

If for some reason the wrong date of birth has been entered, please reach out to our Support team here to have this updated for you. Make sure to have this updated the month prior to your birthday to qualify for the DRC Birthday Reward!

I've recently moved to a new State, how do I update my address?

While DRC does not capture your specific address, you can update your State of residence in the DRC App to be sure to be kept up to date with local news and offers.

Simply login to your account and go to the ‘Menu’ option to manage your details under ‘My Account’.

Can my partner use my account?

Cashback is earned and redeemed by scanning your DRC App at the time of payment in the restaurant. To ensure your account is safe and secure, Staff may request proof of identity when redeeming Cashback, so it is best you are present when using an account registered to your name.

How do I manage my preferences for DRC communication?

Dining Rewards Club may send you communications via SMS, Email or other channels. If you no longer wish to receive emails or other communications from DRC, you are provided with the opportunity to ‘opt-out’ or manage your communication preferences. Links are provided in email and SMS to unsubscribe.

Please note it takes up to 10 business days to remove contact information from marketing communication lists, meaning you may receive correspondence for a short time after the request. Some communications are considered transactional and are necessary for all Dining Rewards Club members. These include important account, order or booking notifications, update of details requested by members and verification & introduction emails/SMS. Members must cancel their Dining Rewards Club membership to unsubscribe completely from these communications.

Can I deactivate my DRC account?

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can do so by contacting Support here. Just remember, once your account is deactivated you will lose all accrued Cashback, Offers, Rewards and any Benefits.

If you wish to re-join later, simply complete the registration process again, however a second Welcome Reward will not be issued again.

Cashback & Rewards

What is ‘Cashback’?

Once you have completed the registration process, you will be eligible to earn and accumulate Dollars (‘Cashback’) on every qualifying transaction when you scan your App at the time of payment at any of the DRC participating restaurants.

Cashback is earned on the net amount paid in a transaction (excluding promotional items, discounts, vouchers, offers, tips, Cashback redeemed, GST or gift cards), and available to be redeemed off future visits. It is the members responsibility to ensure their DRC App is scanned at time of payment. DRC members are entitled to a Cashback earn rate.

How do I earn or redeem Cashback?

DRC Members can earn and redeem Cashback every time they dine by simply scanning their app at time of payment and following the prompts. Read through our easy guide here to learn how to be rewarded.

Can I redeem my Cashback at any restaurant?

You can earn and redeem your Cashback across any of DRC’s participating brands and restaurants in Australia. That means you can enjoy the taste of all our restaurants and be rewarded anywhere (includes 6HEAD, Italian Street Kitchen, Hunter & Barrel and The Meat & Wine Co). Cashback can only be earned and redeemed in restaurants, it is not available through online ordering or delivery.

How long does it take for my Cashback to be available on my account after I've paid?

After you’ve scanned your DRC App and completed payment in the restaurant, Cashback is added to your DRC account within seconds. Simply open the DRC App, refresh if necessary, and see your new balance and transaction history updated.

Does my Cashback expire?

Cashback has a rolling 12 months expiry date from the day of accrual, which is when you dined with us. It’s a great reason to visit any of our participating restaurants, enjoy a meal and redeem!

Are there limits on how much Cashback I can redeem in one visit?

DRC Members must accumulate a Cashback balance of at least $5 before a redemption can be made at Italian Street Kitchen, or $10 before a redemption can be made at 6Head, Hunter & Barrel or The Meat & Wine Co. You can then redeem part or all of your balance against your next bill – there are no limits!

I would like to review my past visits, where can I see this information?

The DRC App provides members with a full history of past visits, including Cashback earned and redeemed. To view your transaction history, simply scroll to the bottom of the ‘Loyalty’ page in the app and click on ‘View Transactions’.

How much Cashback do I earn each time I visit a restaurant?

All DRC Members earn 5% Cashback on their total bill to redeem off future visits. Over time you may qualify for additional rewards.

What benefits other than Cashback do I get?

We love to reward our Members! DRC issues a Welcome Reward and Birthday Reward to all members plus ongoing surprise & delights, so keep an eye out for exclusive offers to redeem in restaurant.

  • Welcome Reward – New members receive an introductory $10 Cashback Reward to be used at a participating restaurant of your choice. The Cashback is issued on the day of registration, so make sure to book in your reservation!
  • Birthday Reward – All members receive a Birthday Cashback Reward in their account on the 1st day of their Birthday month. Make sure your account is updated with your birth date at least one month prior to your birthday month to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Ongoing Offers – Make sure to regularly check the ‘Offers’ section of the app to not miss out on any of our surprise offers, like bonus Cashback days!
Does my Welcome Reward or Birthday Reward expire?

Both the Welcome and Birthday Rewards are loaded on to your existing Cashback balance – simply view the ‘Transaction History’ page to see the specific allocation. As a result, the same Cashback expiry rules apply for 12 months.

Can I use my Cashback and redeem an offer on the same transaction?

Yes! Treat your Cashback as a payment type towards your net bill amount (excluding promotional items, discounts, vouchers, offers, tips, Cashback Dollars redeemed, GST or gift cards). After your offer has been applied, such as a free item, you can redeem your existing Cashback balance on the remainder of your bill. If you still have a balance owing on your bill, you will then earn Cashback on that amount. Only one offer can be redeemed per transaction. Purchases of promotional items and/or discounted items or items purchased using vouchers or gift cards will not accrue Cashback.

Does DRC work with Gift Cards?

When purchasing a Gift Card or paying a bill with a Gift Card, Cashback can not be earned. If there is a balance remaining after redeeming a Gift Card, you may earn Cashback on that remaining amount.

I am a Qantas and DRC Member, can I use both?

If you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer and DRC Member, you will only be able to use one program per visit – you either earn and/or redeem Qantas Points or DRC Cashback. Our payment system in our restaurants will offer you both selections to choose between.

Bookings & Events

How do you make a booking through the App?

All you need to do is click on the ‘Bookings’ option along the bottom menu in the App, pick your venue of choice and follow the prompts to make your reservation.

Can I earn and redeem DRC Cashback on my group booking deposit?

Cashback can only be earned and/or redeemed if the deposit is paid in-person at the venue of the group booking to ensure it is processed via our payment terminals in the restaurant.

Previous Loyalty Members

I was a member of the previous loyalty program at one of the DRC brands, what happened to my account and Cashback?

If you were a member of one of the previous loyalty programs at 6Head, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen or The Meat & Wine Co, your previous account has been closed and you will need to sign up again on the new and improved DRC loyalty program. We have made the process simple, plus you get the $10 Welcome Reward!

The key is to sign up to DRC with the same mobile number your previous account was registered with. The mobile number is used to link both accounts and ensure your Cashback is transferred if applicable.

The benefit of the new DRC program is that you will be able to earn and/or redeem Cashback at any of the DRC participating brands and restaurants (6HEAD,  Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen and The Meat & Wine Co).

I joined DRC with a different mobile number to my previous account, what do I do now?

In order to match your previous account with your new DRC account, the mobile number from both needs to match. If you have joined DRC with a new mobile, please contact our Support team here with both account details so that we can help resolve.

How can I tell if my previous Cashback balance was transferred to my new DRC account?

Simply navigate to the bottom of the ‘Loyalty’ page and open ‘Transaction History’. You will see an entry with the date and time you joined DRC, and a message ‘Cashback Transfer’. The amount shown reflects the Cashback merged from your previous account.

I was a member of more than one of your previous loyalty programs, how do I join them all to my one DRC account?

If you were a member of more than one of the previous loyalty programs at 6Head, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen and The Meat & Wine Co, you will need to contact our Support team here with the mobile number assigned to each previous account. We will be able to review your full history, and ensure your rewards are merged across if applicable. 

As new brands join the DRC program, it is the members responsibility to confirm if they were also part of its previous loyalty program and if any unused Cashback requires transfers.

What do I do with the old loyalty app?

If you have successfully joined DRC and have followed the steps here to save the app to your Home Screen, you can simply remove the previous loyalty program app from your phone. All you need is the DRC App moving forward.

Is my Corporate account still available?

Our previous Corporate programs are no longer in operation and are not part of DRC. Any previous Corporate accounts or cards have since been disabled. We still value your corporate loyalty, and as such simply join DRC with the same mobile number used within your Corporate account. Your previous Cashback balance will be transferred, as well as your 10% earning rate honoured. In order to earn and/or redeem Cashback moving forward, you must scan your DRC app on the payment terminal at the time of payment. 

The added benefit of the new DRC program is that you will now be able to earn and/or redeem Cashback at any of the DRC participating brands and restaurants (6HEAD, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen and The Meat & Wine Co).


I never got the verification code to login

Everytime you login to the DRC App, a verification code will be sent to your mobile. It only takes a few seconds, however if you don’t get the SMS, make sure to check that your correct mobile number is typed in and press the ‘Resend Code’ button to try again. If the code still doesn’t reach you, please contact Support here.

My sign up process failed, am I a DRC member? I'm not sure if it worked.

To check if you successfully joined DRC, simply attempt to login with your mobile number. If you skip past all the registration details of name, email, State and Postcode and are logged straight in, this means you are a member. Once logged in, you can review your personal details by going to the ‘Menu’ option to and ‘My Account’. If you need further assistance, simply contact Support here.

I didn't scan my DRC app on my last visit, how do I earn the Cashback from that visit?

Members must scan their DRC App at the time of payment in order to earn and/or redeem Cashback on the spot automatically. The DRC loyalty program does not allow members to submit receipts for previous dining experiences.

To ensure you follow the correct process for earning and/or redeeming Cashback, access our ‘How it Works’ guide here.

I didn't get my Birthday Reward, why not?

As the Birthday Reward is issued based on an automated system, to ensure you qualify for the Birthday Reward you must have your date of birth entered into your account at least one month prior to the start of your birthday month. To confirm your Birthday Reward has been received, refer to your transaction history in the app.

Are my details safe with you?

We want you to know that you can trust us with your personal information, and that we respect your privacy and rights in relation to your personal information under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Act”) including the Australian Privacy Principles contained within schedule 1 of the Act. Refer to our DRC Privacy Policy for more information.


Can’t find the solution to your problem?

If you’ve had no luck finding what you need, simply contact Support via the App or fill out our contact form here.