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Key FAQs

All you need to do is click on the ‘Bookings’ option along the bottom menu in the App, pick your venue of choice and follow the prompts to make your reservation.

Simply login to your account and go to the ‘Menu’ option to manage your details under ‘My Account’. From here, follow the prompts to edit your name, email address and State/Postcode. If you have a new mobile number or have incorrectly entered your birth date, you will need to contact Support to have this updated. Click here to get in touch.

If you were a member of one of the previous loyalty programs at 6Head, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen, Ribs & Burgers or The Meat & Wine Co, your previous account has been closed and you will need to sign up again on the new and improved DRC loyalty program. We have made the process simple, plus you get the $10 Welcome Reward!

The key is to sign up to DRC with the same mobile number your previous account was registered with. The mobile number is used to link both accounts and ensure your Cashback is transferred if applicable.

The benefit of the new DRC program is that you will be able to earn and/or redeem Cashback at any of the DRC participating brands and restaurants (6HEAD, Hunter & Barrel, Italian Street Kitchen, Ribs & Burgers and The Meat and Wine Co).