A Guide On How to Earn and Redeem Cashback At Our Participating Brands

So, you recently signed up to our new loyalty program Dining Rewards Club (DRC) and may be wondering how you can earn and use loyalty Cashback. 

Here’s a breakdown of how it all works:

Firstly, ensure to install the DRC app on your phone. We’ve created easy install guides to assist you in getting started. It takes less than a minute to have access to the best rewards in your pocket!

When you dine, wine, or snack at any of our participating award-winning venues, make sure you enjoy your VIP experience first. Then, when it’s time to settle your bill, scan your DRC app before processing the payment. This step is crucial as it gives you the option to either earn or redeem your Cashback during the process. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get rewarded. If you’d like to get more familiar with the payment process before you visit, view our visual guide here. 

Let’s take a closer look at your options: 

Redeem: Once you’ve accumulated more than the required minimum amount (usually $10 for most venues), you can use your Cashback to pay for your bill. Simply choose to redeem your Cashback during payment, and you’ll see your bill decrease accordingly. Upon joining the Dining Rewards Club, you would have received a $10 Welcome Reward, so now is your chance to redeem it.

Earn: Alternatively, accumulate Cashback and watch your DRC wallet grow every time you dine with us. Your loyalty truly pays off as the more you dine, the more you earn back.

Cashback cannot be earned and added to your account after your payment is completed, so ensure you always scan your DRC app at the time of payment to not miss out. Additionally, all Cashback earned excludes GST, discounts, surcharges, and any Cashback redemptions.

Your Cashback balance will automatically update after payment. You can check your DRC app to view your Cashback balance by navigating to My Loyalty & then View Transactions to see the specific details of your recent transactions.

Please note that all Cashback expires 12 months after earning it. So, keep track of your balance and make sure you get to enjoy all your Cashback. 

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