Introducing The DRC Tier Levels: How Do Our Tiers Work?

Get To Know Our Tiering System

DRC is levelling up in the world of dining! We truly value our loyal members, so to enhance their dining experience the Dining Rewards Club introduced a new Tiering system on the 1st July 2024.

Here is a guide on how the new Tiering system works!

Our Tiers

The GREEN Tier

When you join DRC, you will be automatically allocated to our GREEN Tier. This means you have exclusive access to rewards, such as a welcome surprise, birthday gift and special offers.

The GOLD Tier

Once upgraded to the GOLD Tier, you gain access to premium offers and rewards. These rewards include a premium birthday gift, exclusive access to VIP offers and 5% Cashback EVERY time you dine at any of our participating restaurants to redeem off future visits.  


Green Tier

$10 Welcome Reward
$15 Birthday Reward
Surprise & Delights

Gold Tier

Earn & Redeem Cashback
$25 Birthday Reward
Exclusive VIP Offers


It’s simple – the more you dine, the more you’re rewarded! Members are allocated a Tier based on their frequency and spend behaviour over a 12 month period. Once you move from GREEN to GOLD, make sure to meet these requirements every year to remain a GOLD member!

Moving Up

Dine at any of our participating restaurants at least 3 times and spend a total of $600 to upgrade your exclusive rewards and earn 5% Cashback every time you dine!

Gold Tier

To stay in the GOLD tier, members must dine 3 times and spend a total of $600 within 12 months from their date of joining the tier, otherwise they will return to GREEN tier until the requirements are met.

What does this mean for existing DRC members?

In appreciation for all DRC Members who registered prior to the 1st July, your membership offer has been extended and you’ve been allocated the GOLD Tier! You will continue to earn 5% Cashback until 30/06/25 when you dine at any Dining Rewards Club participating restaurants.

In order to remain in the GOLD Tier, make sure to dine at least 3 times and spend a minimum of $600 between 1st July 2024 and 30th June 2025.

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