Learn More About Our Exciting Brands: 40 Different Locations

So, at which brands can you earn and redeem DRC Cashback? 

The Meat & Wine Co is an African-inspired premium steakhouse that combines an elevated steak program of premium meats with curated world-class wines. It is renowned for its exceptional dry-aged meat program. Experience opulent and contemporary design aesthetics infused with African cultural heritage.

6HEAD is a world-class waterfront restaurant situated in some of the most iconic dining locations globally. You can find 6HEAD in Sydney and in Elizabeth Quay, Perth CBD (recently opened). It offers an unparalleled dining and service experience featuring the finest steaks and globally sourced produce. Expert chefs have crafted a menu focused on quality, seasonal ingredients prepared using cutting-edge culinary techniques. This is complemented by an award-winning hand-selected wine list curated by the Sommelier team.

Ribs & Burgers is our newest addition to DRC. This fast-casual restaurant offers high-quality beef and produce without the hefty price tag. With years of butchery experience, they specialize in crafting great burgers. Expect premium, boutique-style meals with a focus on fresh, quality burgers, and succulent slow-cooked ribs. Exciting limited-time offers are available throughout the year.

Hunter & Barrel invites you to immerse yourself in the era of the hunter and gatherer, honoring ancient culinary traditions. It’s a visceral steak restaurant and bar experience where fresh meat, poultry, and seafood offerings are roasted over the signature coal grill for an irresistibly smoky charred finish.

Italian Street Kitchen transports you to the streets of Italy, where family and friends gather over classic Italian cocktails, freshly made pasta every morning, or traditional woodfired pizzas. ISK offers a contemporary and affordable fast-casual dining experience.

Book a table today at any of our brands to enjoy not just an extraordinary dining experience but also exclusive benefits and rewards through DRC. Simply scan your app when paying the bill to earn or redeem Cashback.

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